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As a composer, Naomi released her solo debut album in 2014, Neolektra - Birth of a Heroine, to international acclaim and gave a debut performance of two of these original compositions live on BBC Radio London (Images of War, Birth of a Heroine). She was also invited to perform these film-inspired works at the world’s second largest arts festival, National Arts Festival (South Africa) in 2017 with her band, Neolektra - to rave reviews and sold out shows. Her love of dramatic trailer and gaming music has inspired a new album due for release under Ossia Records in 2024. The music draws on her classical music upbringing rich in orchestral and chamber ensembles, and as a result is heavy in strings, horns and percussion.

Images of WarNeolektra (Naomi Tagg)
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Birth of a HeroineNeolektra (Naomi Tagg)
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A Stolen Tango Neolektra (Naomi Tagg)
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2015-2018 saw Naomi explore the more emotive side of film-inspired music. Having moved from the UK to a farm in rural South Africa, she was inspired by the space and quietness around her. This is evident in these compositions: the raw beauty of simple instrumentation and stripping it back.  An EP driven by piano and strings was planned for release in 2019, but never happened. A fire destroyed almost everything and it was not until a few years later that a copy of these works was found in an online archive. Naomi is thrilled to announce these works are in production stage and will be released under Ossia Records in 2024. 

Origami (Rough draft)Naomi Tagg
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Quiet Air (Rough draft)Naomi Tagg
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Naomi began composing in 2005 for her electric string quartet, Muse SQ and released several compositions featuring strings with electronics from 2005 - 2008. Based in Johannesburg, these tracks were more urban and experimental and followed more of a pop/house format. Muse SQ was popular and the compositions were performed around the world by the group in this time and encouraged Naomi to explore the versatility of strings further. This can be seen in her later compositions (2020-2023) for All Stars - a dynamic South African trio which sees a fusion of violin and keys with Afro-House and AmaPiano.

All Stars - AmaViolin 2All Stars
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Naomi Tagg - AsambeArtist Name
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Growing up in a large musical family meant Naomi was introduced to playing in ensembles and orchestras from a very young age. She began working as an amateur string arranger in the 90's as a young teen. Determined to make money from her instrument, she adapted piano music for violin and cello to perform on the streets of Cape Town with her younger brother on cello. She went on to professionally arrange for string quartets over the years and one of her string quartet arrangements and recordings can be heard on HBO's The Great (ep.208). Further examples of her string arrangements can be heard in Johannesburg's string quartet, Cinematica, playing popular songs reworked for strings. 

Berezovsky String Quartet (NTagg)Naomi Tagg
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String quartet medleyCinematica (N. Tagg)
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Naomi dabbled in the TV commercials industry from 2008 - 2012 and examples of her work can be viewed here.

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